A Level Photography and Digital Art


FDa Digital Media

New for September 2015

Choose your subject


Choose something you are genuinely interested in......


It is an investigation that should be sustained. Weak submission will be created as an after thought and last minute.



Plan your study by coming up with a question or an enquiry to help you focus the point to your study.


The best way to do this is to pick a genre or particular subject matter that you find inspiring and develop this into a question or enquiry…

The Basic Format

Whatever the intended final format of your study follow the following basic format:

INTRO –introduce the topic, what is it you are hoping to learn/discover/prove or disprove. How will this influence you as a photographer. (approx 200 words)


1st Photographer intro– introduce the photographer and summarise their style, the context of the time and culture in which they lived and

the motives behind their work.

(approx 200 words)


Image analysis 1– Analyse the

image - see below guide to

analysing photographs.

(approx 200 words)


Image recreation 1– Try to

recreate the image and evaluate

your successes using the same

process (approx 200 words)


Image analysis 2– repeat (approx 200 words)


Image recreation 2- repeat (approx 200 words)


Photographer 1 summary– summarise your findings (what you have learned from the last 4 steps) (approx 200 words)



2nd Photographer intro- ”

Image analysis 1- ”

Image recreation 1- ”

Image analysis 2- ”

Image recreation 2- ”

Photographer 2 summary- ”


.........and so on should you choose a 3rd photographer or digital artist


Conclude what

you have discovered, how you

 discovered it and what influence this will have

on you as a photographer (approx 200 words).