New for September 2015

A Level Photography and Digital Art

FDa Digital Media



Remake Project Objectives

• To develop an understanding of a narrative in an image

• Discover and create the moments before during and after an image.

• Invent and plan your interpretation of your chosen image.

• To develop a working knowledge of studio lighting. Explain your lighting set up to replicate your chosen image.

• Produce your own remake of your image.


All the links you need for this mini project

Start Here

Example Sketchbooks

Select a painting to translate (reinterpret as a photograph, modernise and develop the narrative in the image to represent a life today)

Research your chosen images story. In your sketchbook gather research and present information on your chosen image.

Gather props costume and scenery to use in your groups re-interpretation. Create, paint and construct parts of your planned scenery.



Research photographers/digital artists that have created remakes


4 double pages minimum




Here are some links to help you

Produce some mock images of sections of your remake. Try different locations for your shoot

Experiment with lighting, set and shoot final image/images

Place all images (contact sheet) and final images in you sketchbook.

Project Checklist


- The completion of ½ a sketchbook.

- Conduct artist research & experimentation. E.g. Contact sheets, test strips, screen shots, brushes and layers etc.

- Workshops: Macro, portraiture, high-speed capture & props linked to re-make concept.

- You are expected to compete research on a minimum of 8 different artists for your final piece.

- Your design must show evidence of your influenced journey through your research, manipulation and process, as well as progression throughout the project.