New for September 2015

FDa Digital Media

A Level Photography and Digital Art





Remake an old master painting

Remake Mini Project

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Experimental Images

And now the experimental workshops

Explore digital photography and Photoshop.


Produce a series of experimental portrait studies and combine these to create a single or series of portraits.


Develop ideas by researching the work of contemporary photographers and digital artists.

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Your Final Piece

Choose a starting point from one of these:


A   The lyrics of a song

B  Your own short story

C   A myth or fairytale

D   3 of your fears or hopes

E   (Or negotiate an idea with us)



















Your Final Work might be:

A series of images

A manipulated image

A book that tells a story visually

An animation or moving image

You may use a combination of the images you have shot in the first section of this project


At all times relate your ideas to the artist/photographers research

Explore both location and studio photography.