New for September 2015

A Level Photography and Digital Art

FDa Digital Media



So you've made it through the remake....

Here are some workshops just for you......

Experimental Images

Layer over texture photos, trees or buildings in Photoshop inspired by Miki Takahashi

Build a collection and incorporate a part of your body or models body. Arrange your collection by colour or tone.


Animate your collection using stop frame animation

Explore motion blur photography and the stunning experimental portraits of Evan James Atwood.


Use simple props and objects in the studio to create an unusual blurred portrait


Illustrate on photographs using brushes, graphics tablet, iPad apps and images to create beautiful collages inspired by the haunting images of Leslie Ann O'Dell


View the dance-inspired photographs (almost all of which depict the artist herself in various dreamlike states and situations) of Kylie Sparre.


Create your own dreamlike like self portraits ispired by this artists work.


Hinke Schreuders applies a rich layer of hand-stitched embroidery, beading, lace, and flourishes of ink to entirely new images that can be both unsettling and exuberant.


Explore a vintage images, collect your own, use a scan of a family image and embroider your own message into a personal work.

Use scanography to capture portraits of you and the objects you hold highly personally significant.


Tell a story through your scans, use little model ships and people to develop a narrative.

Your world in your hands.


Take a photograph of an important personally significant place.


Take an image of your open hands and merge you place with your hands.

Subtly disintegrate portrait images (black and white) inspired by the work of Sylvia Grav.


Use liquify or procreate to smudge the the portrait.

Use iPads and Wacom styluses to edit a series of portraits inspired by Sarah Jarrett and Ade Santora.


Apps to get you started include Procreate and Snapseed

Use inks or food colouring between plastic sheets inspired by the work of Seung-Hwan over portraits shot in the studio.


Use the scanner to scan the unique works created and edit in Photoshop.

Mixed media workshop - Jaya Suberg


Use the screen or sheets of textured plastic to shoot through and create a series of portraits in the studio.

Make textured painted backgrounds using paint and pens, scribble, use text scan or re-photograph them and experiment with layering these with your portraits in Photoshop

Rip through and paint on top of your portraits and scan or re-photograph and edit further in Photoshop.